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Implementing stable final pit walls in open pit mines during the open pit design phase and mine exploitation has become one of the most important concerns of mining engineers in recent years. Failure of mine walls can potentially cause loss of life, roads blocks, and damage to mining machinery, temporarily or permanently halt production at the face and in the worst case scenario, close the mine. Thus, the role of creating stable mine walls is crucial to safety and general operations of mines and any effort to optimize this process has great economic value for mine operators. This paper aims to illustrate the technical aspects of use of the successful presplit blasting method in metal open pit mines. It also shows that using this approach not only increases safety in mines through wall stabilization, but also will boost economic profits by savings in stripping ratio. In this regard, appropriate practical concepts for designing the drilling and blasting patterns and the role of selecting the correct drilling rigs are elaborated in detail through conducting a case study in Chador Malu iron ore mine in Iran.
Keywords: Drilling; Mines; Mine; Mines; blasting; open pit mine; Production; Rock; Rocks;
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