World Mining Congress

*I. A. Kovalevska1 and G. A. Symanovych1, O. V. Vivcharenko2, V. G. Chervatyuk3

1National Mining Ukraine

19 Karl Marks Avenue

Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine

(*Corresponding author:

2Depertment of Coal Industry Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

4 Bogdan Khmelnytskyy Street

Kyiv, Ukraine

3Donbass Fuel Energy Company

11 Shevchenko Boulevard

Donetsk, Ukraine

Considered problems: elaboration and implementation of resource-saving technologies, low-cost support systems improvement, openings security and support, based on wallrock condition control with supreme implication into the rock pressure occurrence counteraction work. Results of analytic and underground investigations using computer simulation of the finite elements in order to calculate stressstrain state of the multivariable geomechanical systems are presented. Solutions of concrete objectives are found using spatial geomechanical model of solid motion around openings, considering real geomechanical parameters formation of support forms with proper conditions of their contact and real mechanical characteristics. Ultimate solutions of resource-saving technologies implementation based on the analysis of multivariate vertical, horizontal, and reduced stresses components calculation and also near-contour rock, support bearing components and security constructions movements are found. Results of experimental investigations of combined supports and security constructions, which increase openings' stability in difficult conditions of flat coal seams are presented.
Keywords: Rock; Rocks; Support; Supports; Mines; Mine; Mines; Load; Systems; Frames;
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