Testing and Implementation of a Fatigue Monitor System for Haul Truck Operators

CIM Montreal 2011
Abstract Real-time monitoring and control of fatigue events is being implemented at Freeport McMoRan open pit mines utilizing the Seeing Machines DSS technology. Evaluation and testing of the technology showed that it works for most operators, most of the time though it is not a silver bullet to the fatigue problem. Additionally, the system is reactive, meaning it only measures events as they are happening, rather than predicting fatigue levels. Open pit truck drivers working a typical 12-hour shift have a fatigue profile that follows a typical circadian cycle, with a peak in fatigue events between the hours of 4 to 6 AM in the morning. Timely intervention by dispatchers and supervisors can significantly reduce the total number of micro-sleep events thereby reducing the probability of berm strikes, vehicle collisions, and catastrophic incidents associated with haul trucks. Operator acceptance to the technology is directly related to the amount of information they are provided about how it works, and their perception as to how the information will be used by mine management.
Keywords: Fatigue, Open pit, DSS, circadian, Haul Truck, Seeing Machines, Monitoring
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