Optimizing grindability at the Tata Steel IJmuiden pellet plant

CIM Montreal 2011
Maartje Oorsprong, Jason Tijmensen, Emile Scheepers,
Abstract Optimizing grindability at the Tata Steel IJmuiden pellet plant The Tata steel pellet plant in IJmuiden produces up to 5.0 Mtpa of olivine fluxed acid pellets. The pellet plant is part of the IJmuiden integrated steel works, and produces solely for the two Ijmuiden blast furnaces. Pellets are being made from more than 5 different pellet feeds at a time, each pellet feed having its own grindability. The mix of pellet feeds is being dry grinded in a closed circuit ball mill. The grinding section is one of the major bottlenecks in maximizing pellet plant productivity. Therefore, prediction and control of the grindability of the complete pellet mix is essential in optimizing the output of the grinding section. To this aim the existing grinding model is being improved based on the grindability of individual ores, and that of the complete mix. The predicted grindability is to be coupled to plant performance of the grinding section. In the presentation the improved grinding model will be shown.
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