LKAB Green Pellets

CIM Montreal 2011
Anna Dahlstedt, Christian Fredriksson, Bo Lindblom,
Abstract A cornerstone in the LKAB Green Pellet concept is to produce pellets with a small footprint in terms of energy consumption, CO2 emission and emission of other elements harmful to the environment, like dust, S, NOx, Cl and F. The concept also encompasses the Company’s determination to make pellet products that can contribute to low environmental impact and low energy consump¬tion in our customer’s processes. The presentation will focus on the pelletizing process. A description will be made of how we have attempted to decrease the generation of unwanted components in the process gas together with the equipment tested and evaluated for external gas cleaning. We will discuss and give examples from recent and on-going efforts and outline some of the challenges ahead, to meet our own environmental standards and the tough demands imposed by EU and national legislation, while striving to boost production.
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