In-Pit Crushing and Conveying – Fitting a square peg in a round open pit

CIM Montreal 2011
Abstract Many technologies have been adopted over the last half century for the haulage of material from open pit mining operations. Some of the technologies utilized include rail, off-highway trucks, conveyors, and slurry pipelines - each having its unique application and benefits. Over time, truck haulage has become the primary means of surface mine material movement, though in the past it has been plagued by problems of tire shortages, high diesel fuel costs, labour shortages, and carbon emissions. This paper focuses on In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) as a competitor to truck haulage which has the potential to solve many of these problems. An overview of the available technology is presented along with measures required to overcome perceptional if not physical barriers to implementing this technology in modern open pit mines.
Keywords: Change, IPCC, Haulage
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