Exploration Innovation Consortium, an initiative of the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC)

CIM Montreal 2011
Richard Tosdal,
Abstract The rate of new mineral discoveries in Canada has been declining in the last two decades, mainly as a result of maturing of known mineral districts and the need to explore for deeper or increasingly remote mineral resources. In response to these challenges and to stagnating investments in mining-related R&D, a group of 15 Industry partners, supported by PDAC and Natural Resources Canada, established in 2010 the Exploration Innovation Consortium (EIC). This Consortium seeks to promote the discovery of new resources in Canada through coordination and sponsorship of industry-focused innovative and collaborative research and technology development, as well as training and education in mineral exploration. The emphasis will be placed on increasing the level of funding and degree of coordination in Mineral Exploration R&D in Canada. These goals will be accomplished through a partnership between the mineral exploration industry, the service industry, and the university- and government-based research communities. The three main themes of the integrated R & D program focus on “Discovery Criteria”, “Discovery and Delineation Technology”, and extraction of “Knowledge from Data”.
Keywords: Innovation
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