Distributions of Flow Characteristics and Physicochemical Properties of Acid Mine Drainage in a Settling Pond

CIM Montreal 2011
Dong-Kil Lee , Sang-Woo Ji, Gil-Jae Yim , Young-Wook Cheong ,
Abstract Field tests and numerical flow analysis have been conducted to investigate the characteristics of flow and physical chemistry of acid mine drainage(AMD) in the Hwangji-Yuchang settling pond in south Korea. pH and ferrous concentration of AMD flowed in the settling pond is 6.79 and 25.5 mg/l, respectively. As a results, we found that the ferrous oxidation reacted strongly around the inlet of the pond and the distributions of physicochemical properties is depended on flow characteristics and ferrous oxidation rate of AMD.
Keywords: settling pond, ferrous, Acid mine drainage
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