CIM Montreal 2011
Marc C. Bétournay, Mahe Gangal, Brent Rubeli, Pierre Laliberté, Karim Zhaghib, Andrei V. Tchouvelev,
Abstract Workplace safety and health regulations on diesel emissions, changing climatic conditions, rising oil prices and an emphasis on cutting carbon cost and emissions have become more prominent in the mining sector. To maintain a healthy workplace environment, keep energy costs under control and keep pace with advanced vehicle clean energy adoption, mining companies need to plan for various alternative scenarios, pursue cleaner diesel engine operation, and apply a wide range of energy efficiency means.

The objective of this contribution is to provide the operating, economic and practical aspects of operating mine production vehicles with clean diesel and alternative power sources. For the first time, this focused study would provide industry with a basis for practical comparison as an important step to support the development of options and the development of corporate energy strategies in the light of anticipated regulatory changes to the use of diesel in underground conditions.

This article will provide a broad status of readiness of application of cleaner diesel and alternative energies (diesel-rechargeable battery hybrid, fuel cell-rechargeable battery hybrid, hydrogen internal combustion, diesel-hydrogen internal combustion, and lithium ion battery plug-in power) for production mine vehicles, and the generic outline of power plant configuration. This will be based on current production vehicle baseline energy and power delivery requirements. Also, each will be evaluated against current and anticipated diesel particulate matter regulations.

Each vehicle power alternative will also be reviewed with respect to critical technology issues: power storage, energy efficiency, operational functioning issues, technology maturity, anticipated evolution, potential for large scale manufacturing, regulatory development and delays required for underground application.

There will be a discussion on operation cost savings, gaps associated with these power technologies and major challenges to make the power applicable.
Keywords: underground production vehicles, application status, technology issues, clean energy, operating comparisons, Diesel emissions, Cost savings
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