Challenges with Transparency – the Need for Change Management in Implementing Mine Management and Tracking Systems

CIM Montreal 2011
Abstract Mining has a record of achievement in developing and adopting new technology to facilitate the extraction of increasingly challenging resources. Certainly larger, or more capable, mining equipment has allowed mining companies to mine mineral deposits at lower unit costs; however, there has also been the advent of computerized systems that aid in the management and tracking of mining operations. Unfortunately, the latter computerized systems have not always had the success anticipated with their implementation. This paper explores the view that increased transparency of the planning and operating cycle in a mine, as provided by certain computerized systems, can result in some resistance from those whose work becomes “exposed”. Examples are drawn from industry-leading technologies for both mine management and reconciliation that illustrate the issues and challenges that result. The adoption of appropriate change management principles is suggested as a best practice in planning and mitigating the challenges in implementing technologies which increase transparency in the mining environment.
Keywords: Mine management, Technology, transparency, change management, Implementation
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