Biodiversity conservation management - What nature has in store for the industry?

CIM Montreal 2011
Christian Matossian, Paul MacLean, Eric Muller,
Abstract The importance of biodiversity cannot be overstated. It provides us with food, medicine,
clean water, and shelter, the very foundations of our society. Increasingly, mining,
metallurgy and petroleum companies are being called upon to ensure that their operations
take account of biodiversity, and work towards its conservation and restoration.
The Mining Association of Canada's (MAC) Towards Sustainable Mining Initiative (TSM)
now has a biodiversity conservation management performance standard, which requires
its member companies to have specific policies, plans, and management systems in place.
International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) members are all required to implement
the Assurance Procedure, which details members' commitment to external assurance of
implementation of and performance measurement against the 10 ICMM Principles
(Principle #7 covers ?Contribution to conservation of biodiversity'). Lastly, GRI reporting for
the mining sector requires reporting on specific biodiversity indicators.
This paper will underline what the impacts of these new standards and changing
stakeholder expectations will mean for the mining, metals and petroleum sector. It will also
describe the risks or opportunities that biodiversity conservation management presents to
the industry, how the regulatory environment is taking shape, and what the early adopters
are doing to manage this emerging business issue.
Keywords: Sustainability, Protection, Flora, Fauna, Conservation, Mining, Biodiversity, Sustainable, Ecosystem, Environment
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