Atmospheric fines drying (AFD)

CIM Montreal 2011
Jonathan Matthews, Nav Dhadli, Peter House,
Abstract Shell Canada has invested in excess of $130M in tailings research and technology development since 1996. Recently, a large pilot demonstration project called Atmospheric Fines Drying (AFD) was commissioned. AFD is one of a suite of technologies Shell has been developing. While AFD is not a ‘silver bullet’ in solving all challenges associated with responsible tailings management, this demonstration project highlights one of the approaches that Shell will use to meet these challenges and ultimately accelerate the pace at which tailings can be reclaimed. The AFD process provides a means to produce fine tailings deposits that release water and gain strength in weeks rather than decades.

This paper will provide an overview of the AFD process and share early field performance results from the 2010 demonstration program.
Keywords: Tailings, Technology, Oilsands
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