Application of Shovel Bucket Blast Fragmentation Analysis

CIM Montreal 2011
Shahram Tafazoli,
Abstract Shovel bucket blast fragmentation analysis is an alternative way to assess blast performance and its effects on downstream mining processes. A camera is installed on the boom of cable shovels, and the stick of hydraulic shovels. Images are captured automatically as the shovel digs, and are processed to acquire rock size information. The automatic data acquisition makes this method safe to use with minimal manual labour. It also allows for a large set of sample data to be captured from both the surface and the interior of a bench face.

The system has been deployed in several mines to provide an objective assessment of blasting performance. Images are captured from their cable or hydraulic shovels. The images are grouped into sets based on the shovel location and time to match the fragmentation to specific blasts. Blast fragmentation reports are created for each blast after reviewing the results.

Measuring blast fragmentation from the shovel bucket proves to be an effective alternative for blast performance assessment with unique advantages. The blast fragmentation information has been valuable to the mines, and the mines have begun adopting it into their operations.
Keywords: Fragmentation, Shovel, Bucket, Particle size, Mine Optimization, Dipper, Blast, Distribution
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