Ventilation-On-Demand Control Systems’ Impact on Energy Savings and Air Quality

CIM Montreal 2011
Trang Tran,
Abstract The power required to operate a ventilation system underground accounts for almost 60% of a mine’s energy requirements. In an effort to reduce energy consumption, reduce energy costs and improve air quality, Ventilation-On-Demand Control Systems utilizing five controls strategies have been commissioned at Vale's Coleman Mine.

Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD) is a proven method of adjusting a mine’s ventilation system and reducing energy consumption by responding to the
activity of mine personnel, vehicles and the data from the air quality sensors.

The five control strategies being executed with the Ventilation-On-Demand Control System include:

Event-based controls

Manual controls

Environmental controls

Time-of-Day Scheduling

Activity Based Control / Tagging

This paper describes the five control strategies and their impact on energy consumption and air quality.

Keywords: ventilaton-on-demand
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