Using High Precision GPS Applications to Meet Truck Level Ore Blending Requirements in the Oil Sands

CIM Montreal 2011
Glen Trainor, Loyd Wheating,
Abstract At the Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) Horizon Mine
they use Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd (Wenco) Fleet
Management System to monitor and control their production
fleet with the goal of increasing operator productivity and safety,
and raising dispatcher awareness and control.

Amongst the broad productivity goals CNRL wanted to achieve
with help from the system, was a very specific need to blend ore
at the truck level.

CNRL uses 25m x 25m block geological model information to
represent their complex ore body. Wenco's High Precision GPS
application, BenchManager provides precise graphical actual-vs-
design operator feedback and system integration. Together the
two companies advanced the BenchManager product to meet
CNRL's needs by using live camera feeds to compare activity with
data collection that ultimately lead to changes in the algorithm
to include enhanced GPS indicators and the support of a
GLONASS assisted solution generating distance and bearing
Keywords: fleet management, Efficiency, Ore Blending, GPS, Dispatching, Technology, Productivity, Oil sands
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