Using Gas Monitoring and Personnel & Vehicle Tracking to Maximize the Benefits of Ventilation-on-Demand in Underground Mining Operations.

CIM Montreal 2011
Tanveer Jahir, Jian Zhao, Mohamed H. Mohammed, John David (Dave) McCullough,
Abstract With increasing energy costs and mounting
government pressure to adopt low emission, green
sources of energy, it has become imperative to
develop long-term sustainable underground
infrastructures that exhibit low power
consumption. Underground mining environments are
mandated to have ventilation systems in place to
replace polluted air with clean air. Continuously
running air ventilation systems have proven to be
an expensive solution for this requirement.
Ventilation-on-demand or VOD is an easy, cost
effective method for not only reducing energy
consumption and greenhouse gasses, but also
ensuring the safety and well-being of the miners
beneath the surface. VOD is achieved by monitoring
the air quality in target areas of the mine, and
based on variables such as the number of personnel
in the area, the number of emission-emitting
vehicles, the air leakage around doors and
entrances, dust levels, and other key
environmental details, the speed and angles of the
fan blades are adjusted to increase or decrease
the volume of air flow.
Keywords: Ventilation, Energy, Underground mining, Personnel tracking, Safety, Air quality, Process control, vehicle tracking, Gas Monitoring, Emissions
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