An open pit mine and the relocation of a neighbourhood: the experience of Osisko Mining Corporation in Malartic, Quebec

CIM Montreal 2011
Hélène Thibault, Julien Rivard,
Abstract The following abstract is a poor translation and has to be revised.
In spring 2011, Osisko Mining Corporation is starting the production of the Canadian Malartic deposit, which becomes the largest open-pit gold mine in Canada. To realize this project, the company had to relocate a neighborhood of 206 houses and to rebuild 6 new institutional buildings. Such a project began in 2006 and the relocation has been completed in 2009. To succeed an operation of such a social importance, the company needed a strong support within the population and the authorities, despite early skepticism and several complaints, some beings virulent, that it had to face. Presenters, Hélène Thibault of Osisko Mining Corporation and Julien Rivard of AECOM, played an important role in the interaction between the company, the citizens and the whole community. This experience can be very helpful for many mining projects for which the support of the community is an important issue.
Keywords: Mine à ciel ouvert, Déménagement de maisons, Communication, Bâtiments institutionnels, Appui de la communauté, Osisko, Nouveau quartier, Zone urbaine, Mine à ciel ouvert, Malartic
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