Underground Sumps Made Clean

Abstract Underground Sumps made Clean

Bryan D. Wilson
Construction Coordinator
Xstrata Nickel – Sudbury
Nickel Rim South


Sumps have been a long standing issue in the underground environment,
collecting solids on every sub level that have to be eventually mucked with a scoop exposing them to non ideal conditions.

The initial task was to avoid to exposing equipment to these conditions and to reduce the amount of solids being sent to the main dewatering pumps to help protect and preserve the pumps.

A simple method was derived to keep the solids suspended and force the solids into the main collector sump before the main dewatering system which will protect the main dewatering system from too much solids and to avoid mucking wet slimes with the scoops.

In June 2010, this sump design was implemented on one of the sub levels with an eliminator pump, this sump has not been mucked with scoops and it has kept itself clean with no pump failures. Since then a whole series of these sumps have been successfully built and operated.

Creating a sump that keeps solids suspended; collecting all the solids before entering the main dewatering system has cut scoop maintenance costs and protects the main dewatering system. It also has reduced the amount of underground development required to construct one of these new designed sumps.

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