Triboelectric Separator for Beneficiation of Fine Minerals

James D. Bittner, Frank J. Hrach,
Abstract Separation Technologies, LLC (ST) has developed a dry processing system based on triboelectric charging and electrostatic separation for mineral processing. Since 1995, ST has utilized this technology to produce over 8 million tons of low carbon content coal fly ash for use as a cement substitute in the production of concrete. Fly ash with carbon levels up to 30% have been used to produce a concrete grade ash with a controlled carbon level of 2 ± 0.5%, a high value material for the construction industry. Eighteen ST carbon separators are in place with over 100 machine-years of operation at locations in the US and Europe. A carbon rich product is simultaneously produced, which can be introduced to the utility boiler to recover the fuel value of the carbon. ST’s success in the fly ash industry has enabled further development of the technology, including improvements in operation, maintenance and production rates. The technology has been successfully applied to the beneficiation of a variety of minerals including calcium carbonates, talc, and potash.
Keywords: triboelectric, Beneficiation, Separation
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