Protecting Energy in Motion: Cable Carriers for the Mining Industry

Kevin D Wright,
Abstract Plastic cable carriers guide and protect moving
cables and hoses at low to high speeds, over long
and short travel lengths, in all axes and in a
wide range of different applications. They are
maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant and ideal
for heavy-duty applications. In the mining
industry, they can be found in applications such
as transfer cars, material-handling units, bucket-
wheel excavators, underground ventilation systems
and more.

While festoons and bus bar systems are often used
in mining applications, cable carriers can offer
many advantages over these types of solutions.
Thanks to their plastic construction, Energy
Chain® cable carriers from igus® are ideal for the
harsh environmental conditions in the mining
industry. They can withstand extreme
temperatures, wind, weather, dirt, and chemical

In addition, cable carriers can reach travels of
more than 1,312 feet and gliding speeds up to 16.4
feet per second. They also enable different types
of cables and hoses to operate side by side in the
same system (i.e. electrical, data, fiber optic
cables with hydraulic and pneumatic hoses), while
at the same time, providing space-saving
installation. In most cases, plastic cable
carriers offer a service life of 10 years and
Keywords: Cable Managment, High flex cables, Maintenance free, Chainflex, Cables, Energy Chain, Cable Carrier, Hose protection, Automation, Festoon
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