Implementation of Model Predictive Control on milling, drying, and other processes.

Scott Mayer, Neil Anderson,
Abstract Model Predictive Control (MPC) is now a widely accepted control technology for many process industry applications. To date, there are hundreds of successful applications of MPC technology. MPC stabilizes a process, reduces variation in key process variables, and drives that process to its maximum economic capability while staying within product quality specifications and the equipment’s physical constraints. Positive results are being achieved even on complex, nonlinear processes with varying dynamics, as well as on processes with poor or nonexistent in-line measurements.

This paper will explain what MPC is and how it is used to improve factory performance, even in challenging “only the operator can control it” processes. Example mineral processing applications will be reviewed including milling, drying, ph control, calcining, and flotation. These applications will be discussed from both a technical and an economic value perspective.
Keywords: Model Predictive Control, Process, Milling, Drying
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