Community Liaison to Company Advocate

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The process of relationship management that is required for operating an industry in Aboriginal territories is part of legal framework in the crowns duty to consult and accommodate. In meeting this requirement Cameco has turned community relationships into a business case to promote recruitment, business and growth.

This presentation will show how Cameco’s community engagement activities can grow into capacity development for local communities. Through the presentation I will reveal the process of how Cameco along with community partners developed a strong community engagement process that has evolves over time to become a model of best practice. As an Industry that by its nature raises questions Cameco develops and builds relationships with communities through the process of constant sharing of information.

Frequent and continual visits by Cameco personnel to communities nearby our operations to share and update our activities with community personnel are the cornerstones that build relationships. This information sharing process creates a requirement for clarification, translation and more information, because subject matter experts are explaining processes that are not in the normal purview of the community audience. As this relationship develops a new requirement is required. The process needs a relationship manager and that is the community liaison employee.

By employing a local community representative you are creating further opportunity in the community by making information available through a local channel and in real time. You have also developing capacity for the company by employing a community assistant for the subject matter experts. This process grows and so does the community confidence and more importantly for our industry, comfort for your audience community.

In your selection of a relationship manager you begin to build a champion for your industry one that you can now export and build more confidence in your industry for other communities regions or as in Cameco’s case other countries. You now are able to showcase your progress to other region with the community liaison as your manager and champion of your Corporate Social Responsibility.
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