URANIUM 2010, Saskatoon, SK

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Summary: The Brunswick mine, operated by Xstrata Zinc, is an underground lead-zinc-copper-silver mine that has been in operation since 1964 and produces almost 10,000 t/d. The orebody consists of close to 10 sub-parallel massive sulphide lenses striking north-south and dipping 75º west; the overall strike length is 1,200 m with a width of up to 200 m. The orebody extends from surface to a depth of close to 1,200 m.
Brunswick mine covers a wide area resulting in the development and operation of...
Proceedings: URANIUM 2010, Saskatoon, SK
Author(s): J. Hadjigeorgiou, K. Esmaieli, R. Harrisson
Keywords: Ore pass systems, Database, Degradation, Underground mining
Issue: 5
Volume: 3
Year: 2008
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