Selection and Training of Mining Operators at Barrick Veladero: Strategic Factor for Mining Sustainability

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract Lack of skilled workforce in mining industry during the current decade has been a serious concern for most mining organization globally. At the beginning of this decade the major envisioned difficulty was related to generational breach of mining professionals. By 2003, mining industry recover from a low metal prices cycle following by a worldwide mining investment boom in 2005 that triggers a talent war among mining companies that was not only limited to professional level but skilled operators as well. Despite world’s economy collapse in October 2008, impact on mining industry was small comparing to other industries and appears to show evidence of healing. Under this context, fundamentals that have been driven lack of skilled workforce for the mining industry in previous years still valid.

Starting in 2007, Minera Argentina Gold SA - Barrick Veladero, subsidiary of Barrick Gold, initiated an innovative selection and training program for candidates without exposure to mining. Following our corporate social responsibility mandates, Barrick Veladero decided to change its hiring process entirely, concentrating on selection and training of local people with no experience rather than hire experienced mining operators.

This paper shares Barrick Veladero experiences on its hiring program, challenges faced, and current results.
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