Risk Mitigation: Threats Your Mother Never Warned You About

CIM Vancouver 2010
Mark W LaLonde, Royston Colbourne,
Abstract When most resource companies think of risk mitigation, thoughts turn to finance and insurance. But what about regulatory compliance and industry best practices relating to security and human safety? Are you fully aware of the threats facing your company, sites, and staff? Does your local security vendor provide real security, or just a uniform at a gate? Through intentional act or negligence, what would it take to shut down production, and what can be done to prevent this? Are any of your vendors putting you at risk? Have you completed an audit in compliance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights? What threats are posed from outside your site perimeter? What security concerns do your staff have, in and out of camp? How current, and widely understood, are your security response plans? This highly interactive and entertaining session will challenge you to think in a holistic manner about risk mitigation and what can reasonably be done in a cost effective manner to enhance human safety and security across your company, and at international sites.
Keywords: security, compliance, Planning, Risk management, human safety
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