New Afton Project

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract New Gold Inc is currently in the process of developing the New Afton copper / gold underground mine. The project site is 10 km from the centre of Kamloops, a city of some 80,000 in south central British Columbia and is considered to be a “brown fields” development being located on the site of the previously mined Afton open pit.

The New Afton orebody is being developed adjacent to the existing pit, mine access development commenced in January 2008 and comprises of access and conveyor declines, being developed from surface, together with associated ventilation raises. Ore development on the undercut and extraction levels is scheduled to commence in 2011 with production from the cave commencing in 2011 and ramping up to full production of 4Mtpa in 2013. Construction of the process plant building is complete with final construction and equipping scheduled to commence in 2011 leading to commissioning in the first half of 2012.

This paper gives a brief overview of the planned block cave mine, the current status of the project, a review of the tools and equipment being utilized in the development of the project and the production philosophy being adopted to bring on line a low cost bulk mining operation.
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