Mine reconciliation – for better or worse!

CIM Vancouver 2010
Rayleen Riske, Craig Morley, Sean Helm,
Abstract Why do we look for better reconciliation when times get tough? Why wait? Mine reconciliation should be a priority throughout the good times too. In fact, with good reconciliation, those good times are going to be even better and will help pave the way to success through those preventable bad times.
Reconciliation throughout the entire mining value chain requires the capture and analysis of copious amounts of validated data. This task can be daunting for a team in a small mine, let alone reconciling across a suite of large mines.
This paper will outline the different ways we can reconcile across the value chain, why we should reconcile over differing periods of time and how the Snowden solution proves that reconciliation can be a simpler, reliable and transparent process. Reconcilor is proving to be a valuable tool on any scale of mine, by capturing, validating, sorting and reporting data for timely decision making from the site geologist through to management.
By implementing a vigorous reconciliation tool now, you are setting your mine up for the future. Not only will you have the means to analyse your current processes and measures, but you will have the opportunity to identify and improve your mines performance from the Resource model through to the final product.
Keywords: reconciliation, Reconcilor, value chain, Improvements, forecast, Process, data management
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