Induction Motors and PWM Drives — the Ideal Solution for Large Hoist Applications

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract This paper examines the latest advances in mine hoist motor and drives systems. The technology employed for large hoists has migrated from the traditional dc technology to ac motors with cyclo convertor drives, and more recently, advances in pulse width modulation (PWM) drives have resulted in these being applied to large hoist drives. When combined with PWM drive technology, the induction motor presents the ideal solution for hoist applications

This paper examines the factors in choosing a suitable PWM drive and motor for a hoist installation. Factors under consideration include:
• hoist duty cycle,
• drive rating restrictions,
• choice of power semiconductor device,
• cooling,
• low speed operation,
• maintenance, and
• reliability

The cage induction motor and synchronous motor are compared and it is shown that the induction motor is the motor of choice for large hoists.
Keywords: Induction, PWM, Motors, Drives, Synchronous
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