Identifying opportunities to reduce the consumption of energy across mineral process and recovery plants

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract Current market conditions coupled with ongoing Government policies, has mining organisations shifting focus towards sustainability and better utilisation of energy.

This paper will discuss the role the operations team plays in energy utilisation and efficiency across the value chain. A case study will be used to demonstrate that many of the current operational continuous improvement process can be adapted to intuitively reveal root causes of energy over consumption and quantifying the loss (or potential for saving) in real-time. This analysis will lead to faster, more accurate decision making.

By identifying and quantifying opportunities, operations can realise more efficient equipment as well as more effective process management and operational management.

The paper and case study will reveal how operations can identify the low cost opportunities (aka low hanging fruit). Additionally, it will provide the validated data required to justify capital intensive proposals for changes to equipment or processes, based on measurable energy savings. This will assist organisations to reduce energy consumption with the lowest investment.

Mining companies want energy efficient solutions that:

• Clearly identified and quantified potential energy savings in real $ terms;
• Supports operations managers to optimise for production (throughput) and consumption simultaneously.
Keywords: Production, Optimization, Processing, Energy, mineral, Recovery
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