Getting to the Feasibility Study

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract The Marathon PGM Corporation property in Northwestern Ontario serves as a case study to describe the process involved in bringing a project from grass roots exploration in the 1960’s to the completion of several feasibility studies and the parallel commencement of environmental permitting.
Through the examination of historical exploration activities, it is clear that these activities are directly related to economic stimulus, mostly measured by downturns in the mineral industry. The effect of “timing” will be highlighted with reference to the 2008 downturn and the recovery of the markets in 2010.
Other factors that influence the success of exploration advancing to feasibility and new mine development include the ownership of the mineral claims, which also changes under these economic influences and the crucial role of interactions between the Company, the Crown and First Nations.
Although, company’s cannot control or predict the downturns in the mineral industry they can however control ownership of mineral claims and conduct early consultations with the Crown and First Nations which will ultimately assist with the advancement of projects towards new mine development.
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