From landmines to mines and their logistic network risks

CIM Vancouver 2010
Franco Oboni,
Abstract The development of specific methodologies to guide clearing decisions in countries contaminated by Unexploded Ordnance and Land Mines (lumped up as Explosive Remnants of War:ERW) either at country-wide scale or road-network-scale took an unexpected path when a large mining company asked us to develop a logistic network risk assessment.

What was a first in the world effort in the humanitarian demining industry turned out to be extremely useful and equally innovative in the extractive corporate world.
Instead of a country contaminated by man-made hazards (ERW) we were now dealing with a very complex multimodal transportation system afflicted by all sorts of potential hazards going from quakes to climate change, sabotage to strikes, old infrastructures and potential energy crises...and the method was capable of solving this problem, after necessary customization.

This paper shows how “out of the box” thinking and industry cross insemination can bring significant evolution and competitive hedges even in unexpected areas.

The results of the logistic risk assesment brought a complete new light to the management of the system, the way insurance had to be seen, and significant potential cost reductions in a period of global recession.
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