Enterprise Optimization: Releasing Value Through Better Planning Decisions

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract Releasing value through better planning decisions: this means long-term planning decisions that affect each step in the mining value chain. A decision on one step in the value chain affects all the others, yet they are assigned to different departments/silos.
A decision in one component of the asset portfolio can affect the others, yet they are assigned to different divisions/silos. A decision for one period affects our options for the others. You cannot just optimize one period and then consider the next. To simplify the planning process, many decisions are fixed, when they should be dynamic and many decisions are made too early, before the options are analyzed. Enterprise Optimization overcomes the analytical challenge in dealing with this by simultaneously optimizing all steps in the value chain, all assets in the enterprise portfolio and all periods together. The result: a 5%-35% increase in enterprise net present value.
Keywords: simultaneous optimization, portfolio optimization, integrated business plan, value enhancement, single operation optimization, enterprise optimization, Net present value
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