Dual Truck Mobile Sizing Solution

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract In the world of large scale open pit mining, the majority of a mines operational cost is tied directly to the removal and transportation of the overburden waste material.

One of the simplest and flexible methods in extraction of this material is the employment of traditional haul trucks, but with this flexibility comes inherent cost. Operation and maintenance cost soar when transporting long distances deep from within the pit to the surface waste dumps.

Traditionally semi-mobile sizing/crushing stations are used in conjunction with conveyor systems to reduce this financial impact, while still retaining the flexibility that the truck fleet affords. Costs associated with such a station can still be rather significant in regard to its relocation aspect. Disassembly and movement of the modules, as well as the construction of the geotechnical retaining walls reduces the machines overall mobilization frequency.

This paper looks at a new and innovative hybrid solution to the whole semi-mobile sizing/crushing concept. By engineering a machine with an extremely low center of gravity, as well as eliminating the need for the construction of retaining walls altogether, a highly mobile and cost effective station is realized.

The Dual Truck Mobile Sizer, dubbed the DTMS for short, is an innovative technical solution to today’s ever increasing cost of material removal and transport in open pit mining.
Keywords: Sizing, Conveying, in-pit, Material handling, at-the-face, Crushing, truck tip, haulage alternative, mobile
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