Business Pain? Maintenance Can Help!

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract What does your company’s business pain look like?
Are you losing market share, are profits
dwindling, are there liability issues and are
regulatory organizations unhappy with your
Business pain presents itself within the
organization within safety, environmental and
production areas. Maintaining assets is one
thing; managing this maintenance is another.
Asset intensive organizations must manage the
maintenance of their assets to ensure maximum
availability and uptime. Without this, business
pain increases.
By managing your assets effectively and
efficiently with the proper management tools,
these areas of pain can be reduced if not
eliminated. The results are fewer accidents
(potential liability issues), fewer environmental
infractions (potential penalties) and higher
profitability (fewer equipment breakdowns and
increased production).
But there are risks and rewards. These must be
identified and managed as well. Companies must
understand the many chasms that lie ahead of them
and how to avoid each one. Maintenance can help
but in order to do so, they must understand how
they can contribute to reducing the pain of the
Roger Davies
Keywords: Maintenance, Profitability, Environmental, Operations, Safety, Business Pain, Reliability
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