Building community relations and community development strategies from the ground up: A case study of the Inmet Mining/Monkey Forest experience in a complex socio-political context.

CIM Vancouver 2010
Carol Odell, Gary MacDonald, Craig Ford,
Abstract Inmet Mining is committed to implementing the highest social standards in its mining operations worldwide. Inmet is 100% owner of Minera Panama, a world-class copper project that is currently in the feasibility and permitting phases of project development in Panama. Panama has limited experience with modern mining, limited mining capacity, and the project context involves significant social and political complexity. The Project area is remote with recent in-migration of indigenous people; informal and small-scale mining, local subsistence populations and emerging conservation areas as well as a complex jurisdictional setting and previous negative experiences of mining. Under such challenging conditions, effective project management is critical to anticipate and manage social risks. To this end, between August 2007 and the third quarter of 2009 Inmet seconded Monkey Forest consultants to the project to assist Minera Panama in building and implementing an effective External Relations strategy in this complex environment and finding and developing the local capacity to sustain success through project development and into operations. This paper was produced collaboratively by Inmet and Monkey Forest and describes some of the challenges encountered in designing and implementing the external relations team. It illustrates key achievements and outlines lessons learned in the process.
Keywords: community engagement, Best Practice, Capacity Building, external relations
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