TRUCK/SHOVEL USERS GROUP - Celebrating Six Years of Achievement

CIM Vancouver 2010
Abstract The Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology (SMART) membership established a case for networking in the mining industry to increase truck and shovel performance effectiveness. Leadership from committed mining firms established the Truck/Shovel Users Group in 2004 with a value proposition that members could benefit significantly from shared experience in the focus areas of safety, maintenance and operations. The format for the Truck/Shovel Users Group requires participating members to bring a key challenge in each of the focus areas and it is worked with the balance of the group. The meetings also are rotated through different mines and offer a tour of the operation to further share practices and invite ideas for improvements. This presentation highlights a history of productive networking and shares key learnings that have directly improved mine operations around the continent. Join us and become part of the Truck/Shovel Users Group learning experience now and into the future.
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