The "One Network" - Mining Network Standardization Case Study

CIM Vancouver 2010
Gary Samuel Anderson, Scott R. Beer, Paul Hellhake,
Abstract For years now, mining organizations have been looking for cost effective way to utilize technology to improve mining productivity and safety. This is especially evident in the areas of mine monitoring and automation systems. Traditionally mining equipment vendors and application providers have developed their own proprietary systems for this purpose. While some may provide solutions for a range of disciplines, no one supplier can deliver complete solution that spans all disciplines and can address the vast array of mining equipment. As a result, mines often have multiple best-of-breed solutions. Often the communications technologies imbedded in these systems introduce incompatibilities or restrictions that limit performance and the ability to support additional applications while increasing systems complexity and on-going support cost. Recent breakthroughs improvement in wireless communication technologies can enable multiple systems to share a common high-bandwidth communication network that is quick and easy to deploy and manage and will scale to support the growing demand for mining applications.
Keywords: Mobility, Adaptability, Multiple Frequencies, wireless, Wimax, 801.11, Mesh Network, Service
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