Switched Reluctance Drives: The Ideal Feeder Drive

CIM Vancouver 2010
Svatopluk Prochazka,
Abstract This paper serves as an introduction to SR technology, along with the latest international developments, and specific characteristics. SR has high torque availability, and high efficiency over large speed and load ranges. These characteristics make it an ideal feeder drive, rivaling traditionally accepted hydraulic drives.
Although switched reluctance has been around for decades, the control algorithm technology to take advantage of the drive’s strengths has only recently become viable. In essence, this can be considered “new technology” and we have been requested to speak about this drive with many high profile mining customers and major suppliers, such as FLS, Thyssenkrupp, and Sandvik.
Keywords: switched reluctance, New Technology, Variable speed, reliable, efficient, feeder drive, pump drive, SR, torque, Robust
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