Supporting Minerals and Natural Resources Industries: Growth of Engineering Programs at Laurentian University

Marty Hudyma, Markus Timusk, Ed Guerra,
Abstract Laurentian University is situated in the heart of one of Canada’s most important areas of natural resources exploitation. The university is strategically located with respect to several major mining camps, including those of Vale, Xstrata, Kidd Creek, Hemlo, Red Lake, Placer Dome, and mines in Northwestern Quebec. It is also close to E.B. Eddy’s major wood processing facilities at Espanola, and is at the centre of a vibrant and growing services sector for natural resources industries. In addition, the long period over which these natural resource industries have operated in the region has created a unique natural laboratory regarding environmental impact, management and ecological recovery issues. These regional realities are reflected in the strategic focus and planning of Laurentian University, within which engineering education and research play an important role.

Currently, the School of Engineering offers full undergraduate programs with co-op option in Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering (with options in extractive metallurgy and mineral processing, and environmental and sustainability), and Mechanical Engineering (with an option in mechatronics). In addition, the School of Engineering offers graduate programs at the master’s and doctoral level in Natural Resources Engineering. These programs were developed in consultation with local industry, as interdisciplinary programs admitting students with engineering and science degrees. They provide continuing and advanced education on a part-time basis to practicing engineers and scientists while continuing their employment, and to recently graduated and other engineers who wish to pursue a graduate degree on a full-time basis.

In this presentation, we will highlight the recent growth of the School of Engineering in the areas of minerals and natural resources with focus on advanced technologies in mining, robotics and automation, and process engineering.
Keywords: Mineral resources, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining engineering, NATURAL RESOURCES
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