Review on comprehensive control technology development for collapse area of metal mine

Jian jun HU,
Abstract In recent years, in the integrated control project of collapse area, the government has invested great amount of funds for the restoration of Coal Mine collapse damaged infrastructure and house, also a certain amount of funds for land restoration, which is a benevolent and popular work, highly praised by the people. However, as collapse area problems in China are extensive and complex, especially the integrated control research of metal mine collapse area has less investment, weak technological basis, therefore, how to effectively integrated control collapse area,resume landscape and ecological environment, utilize the abandoned mine land, is a major issue related to the mining area of sustainable development. This paper contains the review of the background of metal mine collapse area both in home and abroad, analysis of the effect of the collapse area to the mine safety and ecological environment, and the existing technical problems and development direction, also proposed the technical measures of the collapse area control and cooperative underground mining.
Keywords: collapse area, integrated control, Technological development, metal mine
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