Paste Backfill Systems -

Bruno Mandl,
Abstract Over the past 30 years, underground paste backfill systems have been implemented across the globe in many configurations each with a primary focus of providing high quality backfill to enhance mine operations. However a number of key design drivers are not always well understood within design engineering firms that occasionally undertake this work, leaving opportunities on the table. Perhaps not always obvious to those newly embracing paste technology, identifying key drivers and opportunities attainable through a paste backfill system is generally not straightforward, requiring innovative approaches to securing higher productivity, availability, performance, maintainability, and operator health and safety. This paper describes a number of applications and audits of paste backfill system for several challenging mine operations. Key challenges include iterative design aspects of availability of good backfill materials, plant location and configuration, general arrangement, and binder receiving/storage systems.
Keywords: Optimization, Paste backfill, Case studies
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