Partnerships and Engineering Mobility

Abstract Engineers Canada is the national organization of the 12 provincial and territorial engineering associations who license Professional Engineers in Canada. Engineers Canada acts as the voice of its members in national and international affairs, and is charged with delivering national programs related to engineering education, professional qualifications and professional practice as well as conducting research activities to monitor the pulse of the engineering profession in Canada. To effectively pursue our role, we rely on strong partnerships with the larger engineering community including diverse bodies such as our members, engineering associations in other countries, engineering educators, employers and the federal government.

Partnerships with international engineering associations have allowed Engineers Canada to development recognition agreements that both enhance the ability of Canadian Professional Engineers to work abroad, and facilitate the licensure of internationally trained applicants who arrive in Canada.

Partnership between our members has resulted in national mobility for Professional Engineers. Once they have been licensed in one province or territory, engineers can easily obtain a license in additional provinces should they move or work nationally.

In addition, partnerships with the wider community of educators and employers continue to allow us to develop improvements to the educational accreditation system and to the licensure process itself.

A brief overview of these partnerships and their resulting outcomes will provide a complete picture of the activities of Engineers Canada and its constituent associations in the larger engineering community.
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