Making Big Changes in Small Steps

Ryan Siggelkow,
Abstract Technology in mining has historically been very difficult to implement. With such a complex industry, it seems as if, for the most part, the introduction of new technology into mining has either been overlooked or has been met with some resistance. So many of the processes in mining could be improved today with relatively little change in thinking from the status-quo.
With the changing global marketplace, mining companies can not afford to continue to use outdated and antiquated technologies. It is very difficult to make giant leaps and bounds in implementing technological change, because far too many unknowns are trying to be overcome at the same time. It is time to step back and look at some of the common processes and see how they can be improved.
Implementing new technologies should be easier. The industry should be able to more readily sustain growth in all economic situations if the supply sector and the industry can meet on some key points. Key areas of focus will be safety, productivity, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.
Keywords: Safety, Infrastructure, Automation, Productivity, cost effectiveness, Improvement, Dependability, Efficiency, Processes, Sustainability
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