Heavy Equipment Automation in Mining

Lori-Anne Fleming,
Abstract As mining catches up with the technological explosion of the 21st century the question becomes – How do we successfully implement this into our daily business?

At Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. the vision has been to transition from the open pit mine to the underground workings incorporating the latest technology available. With this in mind a team was designated to work with Atlas Copco Construction and Mining to bring Automation into the way business was done. A reference trip was organized to see what was in place at other mines at the time. The strong company commitment to safety later included a team based risk assessment process conducted with stakeholders from industry, the government, corporate and site personnel. It was decided to move forward with a phased in approach. A trial was setup and run from underground and the next with the operators’ station controlling the loader from surface. Both were successful and the system was demonstrated during the grand opening of the underground operations. Along the way challenges were met and lessons learned. Plans are to move forward with this technology as integral part of the mining process at Diavik.

David Janes Specialist, Communications & Automation Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.

Lori-Anne Fleming Business Line Manager Load Haul & Dump Equipment Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Canada
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