An Economical Vertical Transport System to Hoist 3 Mt of Ore per Annum from 1640 m

Wendy Lynne Naysmith, Socrates Vakalis,
Abstract This paper deals with the various options considered and factors that influenced the final selection of the headframe, shaft layout and hoisting systems required at the Impala No 16 Shaft in order to hoist both the required 3 Mt of ore per annum, and transport men, material and equipment between the surface and the underground workings to a depth of 1640 m.
The layout and construction method used for what is at present the world’s tallest concrete headframe is discussed together with the integrated hoist room foundations designed to suit multiple mechanical and electrical hoist supplier’s solutions.
The mechanical components of the two tower mounted 6,5m 4 rope Koepe hoists and deflection sheaves and their layout is dealt with in detail. Various features of the bearing type, brake units and brake control system are also discussed.
Installation of the mechanical and electrical hoist equipment in the headframe took place during the sinking phase of the project and placed severe restrictions on the use of the heavy lifting facilities. This required a well-managed and systematic approach to delivery of the hoist components and associated equipment, as well as close co-operation between all contractors on site.
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