Ground Support Audit at Brunswick Mine - Data Collection and Results Management

Rock Engineering 2009 - Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions
Patrick Andrieux, Richard Harrisson, Patrick Mercier,
Abstract Ground support audits are sometimes necessary in ageing underground mines. Usually, the purpose of such audits is to assess the state of the ground support in various parts of the mine, identify areas that require attention and establish rehabilitation requirements. In 2005, Brunswick Mine, located in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada, executed a comprehensive mine-wide ground support audit. The areas examined included excavations in several mining blocks, as well as ramps, shaft stations, garages, shops, etc., throughout the mine. A vast amount of data was collected over a period of two weeks by multiple auditing teams.

The audit was followed by a data digitisation exercise, and the creation of a data management system to store audit results and keep track of subsequent rehabilitation activities as they occur. One aspect of the data management system was the incorporation of a function for reporting on ground rehabilitation progress, along with the capability of updating mine level plans for easy visual presentation of this progress. This article describes the approach implemented at the mine to carry-out the audit, as well as the database constructed to manage the results.
Keywords: Audit, Data collection, Brunswick Mine, Ground control, Database, Data management system
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