Compilation of Industry Practices for Control of Hazards Associated with Backfill in Underground Mines - Part I Surface and Plant Operations Part A

Rock Engineering 2009 - Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions
Euler M. De Souza, Luc Beauchamp,
Abstract The Department of Mining Engineering at Queen’s University
conducted a study of backfill practices in underground mines
across Canada to assess the current state of backfill usage and
to overview potential hazards associated with backfill practice,
from preparation to transportation to placement.

The primary aim of this study was to cover each component of a
typical mine backfill system, and to identify potential incidents
leading to the disruption of backfilling operations and any
associated corrective actions.

This paper, Part I of the study, deals with surface operations
consisting of backfill material supply and backfill plant
preparation. Part II of the study, which deals with underground
operations consisting of backfill transportation and backfill
placement, is also presented in these proceedings.

A review of safety measures associated with current backfill
operations and recommendations for procedures of best practice
that should be implemented to reduce fill-related hazards in all
mine backfill workplace environments are presented. In general
it has been found that system failures normally lead only to
minor losses to the operations.

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