Analysis of Aperture Evolution in a rock joint using a Complex Network approach

Rock Engineering 2009 - Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions
Abstract Abstract: In this study, we develop a complex network approach on a rough fracture, where evolution of elementary aperture during translational shear is characterized. In this manner, based on a Euclidean measure, we make evolutionary networks in two directs (in parallel and perpendicular to the shear direct) and on the measured apertures profiles. Evaluation of the emerged networks shows the connectivity degree (distribution) of networks, after a transition step; reach stable states which are coincided with the Gaussian distribution. Based on this event, we present a model in which evolving (decaying) of networks are accomplished using a preferential detachment (based on certain probability) of edges. Also, evolving of mean cluster coefficients and number of edges displays similar patterns as well as are appeared in shear stress and dilation changes, respectively.
Keywords: Complex Network, Aperture Evolution, Rock Joint
Keywords: Aperture Evolution, Rock Joint, Complex Network
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