Instrumentation of a Graphite Zone in the #3 Shaft at Brunswick Mine

Rock Engineering 2009 - Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions
Patrick Mercier, Richard Harrisson, Richard Brummer, Patrick Andrieux,
Abstract The #3 Shaft at Brunswick Mine, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada, intersects a soft graphite zone just below the 3400 level. Ground movement within this zone causes the concrete liner of the shaft to be deflected towards the shaft’s interior, affecting the steel framework of the conveyance. In some areas, the clearance between the cage and the liner has been reduced to less than 2 cm, which is a concern. An innovative surface-mounted extensometer was designed in 2008 to monitor potential movements of the shaft’s liner. Four such novel extensometers were installed in the shaft for the surveillance of a particularly critical 3.5m by 5.0m area. This article describes the approach taken to instrument the shaft, the principle of the new extensometer, as well as the performance of the instrumentation following its installation.
Keywords: Extensometer, Instrumentation, Shaft, Geomechanics
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