Water Control Technology – Innovative Solutions for Underground Mines

CIM Toronto 2009
Peter White,
Abstract Mine flooding due to unexpected high volume water infiltration is a crippling and costly situation for underground mines. Canada is a global leader in developing and implementing water control technology for underground mines.

Since 1988, Multiurethanes has provided Canadian and international mines with cost-effective solutions for mine water inflow problems. The unique geotechnical characteristics of each mine introduce considerable technical challenges that are overcome through the application of advanced engineered grouting techniques and creative, customized equipment.

Recent case histories that demonstrate innovative and successful underground mine water control operations include Diavik Diamond Mines, where mine development has been undertaken through water-bearing ground utilizing both cement and chemical grouting.

At the new Kittila Mine of Agnico Eagle, located in Finland, a large scale cement grouting operation has recently been completed that enabled the successful construction of a large diameter ventilation raise through fractured water-bearing ground conditions.

The high-grade Platsoa Mine of Excellon Resources located in Durango, Mexico is being developed in the presence of open water-bearing faults that resulted in critical mine flooding. Water sealing strategies were developed utilizing local resources that enabled the Platosa Mine to successfully seal the water inflow locations, dewater the mine and resume normal production activities.
Keywords: Mine flooding, Water control, Advanced engineering solutions, Diamond Mines, Water bearing faults, International Projects, Innovative grouting techniques, geotechnical, Mining equipment, Water Control Technology
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